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“Precupetii Vechi” Church, situated in the old mercantile neighborhood, has been build in 1733 (under fanar reign) by modest founders: George the hieromonach, Nastase Simioneanu and his wife Minca, with help from Tudor, Joanna, Tudora, Peter and other hard workers like Priest Gregory, Priest George, Priest Radu and Mary.

Precupetii Vechi Church has lived hostile times but it preserved and grew through works of many believers, many holy faces, that the history honors.

The church requests continuous care. In 1898 it has been renovated, enlarged and painted again with help from tutor Anton Georgescu, priests Grigore Dinescu and Ioan Ionescu.

The altar wall dates from that year which has icons painted by Gheorghe Zograf who’s signature can still be seen on the “Last Supper” above the doors.

Other improvements, restoration of paintings have been made between 1906-1909 with the help of priest Nicolae Popian. After the 1940 earthquake the big spire has been rebuilt, the walls and the two small spires have been strengthen, and the painting has been washed and finished


Between 1958 and 1964 the exterior has been renovated, the gas installation has been introduced, the painting has been renovated with financial help and blessing of Father Patriarch Justitian whose face has been painted in the church together with other founders.

The present oil painting is the work of painter Keber and dates from 1930.

The church obtained the present look through two successive interventions: in 1942, painters like Dogarescu and Hermineanu worked at the church and in 1964painter Gheorghe Teodorescu-Romanati, helped by Constantin Stanescu - priest and painter. After 1977 and 1986 earthquakes the church suffered damages that affected also the painting that needed strengthening and restoration in many spots.

Who celebrates their name day on All Saints Feast?

The All Saints feast is a holiday with changing date and it takes place the next Sunday after Pentecost.

With this occasion all Christian that don’t have a saint name, celebrates their name day - besides the ones with flower names (Florentina, Florin) and the ones that have Gods name (Christian, Emanuel), that have their name days on Palm Sunday and Christmas.