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Fall 2003

The restorations at The Holy Church  continued this year with consolidating the foundations, which were originally made from brick. Information about how consolidation is developing can be accessed at projects page.

June 26, 2005 A.D.


Parish Priest Tudor Gheorghe

Priest Popescu Dinu Lucian

Deacon:  Tudor Ciprian Georgian
Singer:  Gera Valentin

Weekly schedule

The Church is open daily between 8A.M. - 5P.M.

Click here for weekly Divine Services schedule.

LINKS with other ORTHODOX web-sites

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We offer you our collection of orthodox web addresses from our country and abroad - texts, images and orthodox songs from the monastery of our millenary church. The page can be activated from the left menu, by clicking orthodox links. You'll also find here the addresses of search engines from world wide web.

- the official site of the Romanian Orthodox Church (english version). The Patriarch (biography) - The Holy Synod - News (press release)- The Romanian Orthodox Church Structure (statistics)- History - Publication (news bulletin) -Orthodox links.

Diaconia Association was founded in 1999, with the purpose to fulfil the social charity work of the Romanian Orthodox Church by helping the disadvantaged categories of the society (elders, children, poor families etc).

The Romanian Orthodox Church in the United States and Canada was formed, by the clerical and lay representatives of the parishes of which it is composed at the Church Congress, meeting in Detroit, Michigan, on April 25, 1929, as a Missionary Episcopate, subject canonically to the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America - the official website of The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (ROEA).  The site is made possible through the Episcopate's Department of Publications and is now directly operated from the ROEA Chancery.

The directory intends to reveal itself as a communion place for the Orthodox people from everywhere and offer guidance in finding the Holy Orthodox Monasteries around the world.

Welcome to our website!

“Precupetii Vechi” Church, with the wake of All Saints, has celebrated in 2003, 230 years of documentary attestation. Situated at the intersection of Mihail Eminescu Street, Toamnei and Precupetii Vechi Street, nearby the monument of our greatest patriot Tudor Vladimirescu, this holy place of worship, which has existed for two centuries, has fulfilled its purpose by enlightening and caressing generations of people living in Bucharest which showed their gratitude, as well as they could, by contributing to the restoration and renovation that were needed during the time.

"The Protection of the Mother of God"

In our parish operates a center of assistance for troubled people, located in the backyard of the church, which includes an establishment for the elderly with 18 places, a place for praying - The Chapel with the wake of  "The Protection of the Mother of God" - and a canteen that would insure meals for all the ones sheltered here, as well as for the other 50 assistants (see the announcement bellow regarding the brotherhood agapes)
Those who wish to find out more are invited to visit the pages dedicated to The Social Shelter - click HERE.

Parish’s Periodical
The Spring of Belief

Starting with March 2004, Church “Precupetii Vechi” provides for it’s flock a periodical publication - “The Spring of Belief” - it includes notices, news and articles regarding the parish, and material of general interest, which concerns the Orthodox Christian community from our country.. The magazine also contains a permanent heading of orthodox catechism, a page of Christian poetry, the dictionary of usual and church regarding terms, lives of the celebrated saints, prayers and texts treating religious subjects. The publication is available thanks to Tudor Ciprian, theology student, who engaged with the collection of information, as well as the layout, printing and copying the magazine.

The periodical can be obtained from the church or, if you want, through postal service. More info at

The subpoena of benefactors from Holy Church of All Saints

Those who wish to help the church will be mentioned together with the founders of our holy place, and together with the other benefactors. If you do not wish to be an anonym, please let us know your first name, without which the reading cannot be done. The page with the subpoena can be accessed by clicking HERE

The wake Icon

Painted at the ends of XIX century, the icon of all saints has a beautiful closure of silver. The image represents the painting underneath and it has been taken during the works of restoration at the iconostasis (altar wall).

 Click on the icon thumbnail for a bigger sample.


With the kindness of hour believers, our church feeds almost 50 people. The ones that cannot come here benefit of home delivery. If you wish to help us help others please access our contact page.

Electronic maps of Romanian monasteries

A great idea of one of our anonym believers - an interactive e-map of monasteries all over the country. From this list, located on the left side, please select the name you want - the application will identify and display automatically the position of the monastery, together with a short description.

Click on the image inside the frame, if you wish to visit this site.

Because of the random availability of map server, in case this page is not displayed, we offer you an alternative map, with more comprehensive texts but without the representation of roads. Please click here

"Holy LIght" a lot of people in this world heard about the HOLY LIGHT that comes out on Resurrection Day in Easter (Pascha) in Jerusalem. People who haven't seen it believe that the Orthodox Patriarch goes into the Holy Sepulchre and lights up the candles. Through our pages you will realize the truth, that HOLY LIGHT is a great miracle of CHRIST for all the world to see. More...

- paschal calendar -

The Orthodox Easter dates 2004-2013




The Sunday of All Saints
(First Sunday after Pentecost)

About the Feast

This commemoration pious honours all the Saints, the friends of God, for they are keepers of God's commandments, shining examples of virtue, and benefactors of mankind. Of course, we honour the known Saints especially on their own day of the year, but, since many Saints are unknown, and their number has increased with time, and will continue to increase until the end of time, the Church has appointed that once a year a common commemoration be made of all the Saints. This is the feast that the Church celebrate every first sunday after Pentecost.
In this celebration, then, we reverently honour and call blessed all the Righteous, the Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs, Confessors, Shepherds, Teachers, and Holy Monastics, both men and women alike, known and unknown, who have been added to the choirs of the Saints and shall be added, from the time of Adam until the end of the world, who have been perfected in piety and have glorified God by their holy lives. All these, as well as the orders of the Angels, and especially our most holy Lady and Queen, the Ever-virgin Mother of God Mary, do we honour today, setting their life before us as an example of virtue, and entreating them to intercede in our behalf with God, Whose grace and boundless mercy be with us all. Amen.















































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